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A new release at Immortelle! A casual classy outfit with belted pants and a top with a chic low cut neckline and a delicate floral detail around the midriff. The top can be worn with or without the included poet sleeves and top extension. Available in 2 different sets in tan and black.

Sophie - Black & Tan

Sophie - Tan & Black

The hair is Olivia, dark red, found at Goldie Locks.


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This blog will mainly be for Immortelle new releases and news, but on rare occasion, I intend to write about events, fashion or nice people I meet in SL! One such person is Roxana Demina. I met her recently after shopping for really wonderful poses in her brand new store, Dilemma. I’m a sucker for good modeling poses, and I really like Roxana’s!

This evening, was Dilemma’s debut on Boudoir Isle along with other stores worth checking out – Color Me Couture, Elle, Inc. Lemonade, Overdose and Vintage Ahoy. Below is a pic of Roxana wearing one of her way cute poses.
Roxana Demina

I also received this wonderful hair below as an event gift from Kimberly Foss of Overdose in several different colors. It’s called Kimberly.
Overdose Hair - Kimberly

I had to leave early, so I probably missed other great things – but go check these stores! 🙂

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For Always & Forever

Just a little update for today! I’ve been making PS brushes like a madwoman and came up with this little long-sleeved, midriff, white & grey top. It features a 1930s postage stamp of the Eiffel Tower and the words “For Always and Forever” in French. It makes me think of a young woman spending the summer in Paris and having an affair she will never forget. 😉

For Always & Forever

The hair is Sasha, black, from Goldie Locks, the earrings are Last Call: Daphine set (I think this jewelry set was a group gift), and the grey jeans are part of the Savvy set at Immortelle.

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La Torera

This new outfit was really fun to make! I knew I wanted to make a bolero and then I started looking at matador outfits and did a little reading on female bullfighters. What I came up with is not quite as elaborate as a bullfighting costume, but I’m happy with it! La Torera comes in 3 pieces – bolero, bustier and matching pants. Available in 4 colors – burnt orange, grey, lime green and red.

La Torera - All Colors

The hair in the pic is lola revised (light blond) from Gurl 6.

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I think I’m ready for the summer to be over and for school to start already because last the few releases have been for the fall season. More summer stuff may be coming – not sure yet! =)

Today’s release is called Mariposa. There is one full outfit with a top and pants in charcoal and then 3 extra tops in different colors – carmine, pine green and steel blue. The top is a sheer, white, long-sleeved blouse with a midriff sweater vest. This collection is called Mariposa because of the tiny silver butterfly adornment on the tops and pants.

Mariposa Top & Pants

Mariposa Tops

The hair is from ETD, Maxine (Smoke) and the shoes are from Shiny Things, Retrosweet (black).

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Prim Skirts Update

I updated the prim skirts of the Summer casual dress line. There was a tiny issue with the hem of the skirt that was bothering me and I finally figured out what was wrong. If you purchased one of these dresses and I have not already sent you an updated skirt, please drop me an IM and let me know which color of skirt you need. =)

Summer Night

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Style Advisory Review

Being a relatively new designer, it is thrilling to see Immortelle mentioned in fashion blogs. Eyva Matova of the new fashion review site, Style Advisory, just posted the first in-depth review of Immortelle. You can read it here!

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