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Tomorrow, Saturday, January 12th is the Brightfield Fashion Revolution Show! Immortelle will be featured along with fabulous designers such as Casa del Shai, Muism, Icing, Zhao Shoes, Doll City Jewelry and Analog Dog.

Brightfield Fashion Revolution Show

At 1:00 pm SLT, pre-entertainment by Ridha Cooljoke

At 2:30 pm SLT, show accompanied by DJ Damon Dollinger

It will be located at the Brightfield Virtual Spa and Salon – Brightfield Park 39/90/43. Check in the with Brightfield Representative at the pre-event to reserve a seat. SLCN will also simulcast the event on Channel 1. You can pick up the plasma tv at Immortelle! Just click on the the ad for the show at the front of the store to receive the invitation packet which includes the tv. 🙂


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This Saturday evening, Second Style will be presenting the Spotlight II fashion show and it will feature designs from BBM, Blowpop Skins, Decoy and Immortelle! The show will start at 6pm SLT and will be located on the sim, Le Zoo.
Spotlight II

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Bébé Grand Opening

Last night was the grand opening of my friend Eyva Matova’s store, Bébé! It was a really fun event with great music, dancing, drinks and lovely freebies. The store is very lovely and elegant and features Eyva’s wonderful, unique jewelry. My favorite is the Galaxy earrings – I think I snatched up every color! Visit Bébé here!

Eyva Matova
Eyva Matova
Bebe Grand Opening
Galaxy Earrings
Galaxy Earrings in white

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This blog will mainly be for Immortelle new releases and news, but on rare occasion, I intend to write about events, fashion or nice people I meet in SL! One such person is Roxana Demina. I met her recently after shopping for really wonderful poses in her brand new store, Dilemma. I’m a sucker for good modeling poses, and I really like Roxana’s!

This evening, was Dilemma’s debut on Boudoir Isle along with other stores worth checking out – Color Me Couture, Elle, Inc. Lemonade, Overdose and Vintage Ahoy. Below is a pic of Roxana wearing one of her way cute poses.
Roxana Demina

I also received this wonderful hair below as an event gift from Kimberly Foss of Overdose in several different colors. It’s called Kimberly.
Overdose Hair - Kimberly

I had to leave early, so I probably missed other great things – but go check these stores! 🙂

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Last night was the first MO Island Seaside Fashion Show and was I impressed! Tenshi Vielle and Marni Grut did a wonderful job organizing a show featuring 19 designers including some top designers such as Paper Couture, Callie Cline, Casa del Shai and Random. Thanks gals!

MO Island Fashion Show

The show also featured the talented designers with stores on MO Island. If you haven’t visited MO Island, you should! It has a charming shanty town theme with a fun atmosphere. http://slurl.com/secondlife/MO%20Island/174/202/26/ The runway was so cleverly designed – I adored the dinghies set up for the audience. I snapped a pic of the Lus of Paper Couture seated in one of the boats – I hope they don’t mind if I post this wonderful pic here!

MO RunwayLu Sisters of Paper Couture

I was thrilled to be a part of this show and the designs by these talented artists have really inspired me to push myself to be more creative and try different things. Below is one of the Immortelle outfits featured in the show – Rejuvenate. It’s now available!


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