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Closing Sale!

Well, the time has come for me to close Immortelle. Between RL and working at Armidi, I just do not have the extra time to maintain it. Thank you all for helping to make Immortelle be such a rewarding experience! It has been great fun. Please do not hesitate to IM me anytime on my Kathryn Armidi account. 🙂

Everything at Immortelle is 50% off until closing ! The sale will be up for a couple of weeks.


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I’m sorry to have been quiet for so long with no new posts or Immortelle updates. A new chapter has begun for me as a SL clothing designer – I was lucky enough to have been asked to join the Armidi design team! From now on, I will be designing under the name of Kathryn Armidi. Watch out for the next Armidi release for some new things by me. 🙂 There are a lot of new and exciting things in store for Armidi – so stay tuned!

The future of Immortelle is up in the air for now. I’ll let you all know what will happen with the store and the inventory when I know! 🙂

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Passing of a Gifted Designer

My condolences to the friends and family of Ginny Talamasca. He was such a great talent and inspiration to many.

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New Store & New Release!

Ani and I have been busy building our new stores at our new location these past few weeks. The new main store location for Immortelle is now open! It is located at Olympia 245, 91, 22.

New Store

At the new location is the latest release, Athena, a Greek Goddess inspired dress. It comes with a formal long skirt as well as a short, fun, flirty version! The outfit is available in 3 colors, berry, black and white.

Athena - Berry

Athena - Black

Athena - White

Hair – ETD, Sofia, Cinnamon

Shoes – LC Vamp: Selece, Gold; Shiny Things, T-straps, Black; Shiny Things, T-Straps, White

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I decided to give the new Subscribe-O-Matic a try! It looks like a great and easy way to give and receive updates. Come by Immortelle to subscribe and receive a free gift! The kiosk is located just to the right as you enter the store in the new products section.

***If you tried to subscribe today and it didn’t work, try again!  I forgot to set something on the kiosk. 😀


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Many items have gone on sale at Immortelle and some of those that were already on sale have been marked down even further. You can find them in the back right hand corner as you enter the store. Come visit Immortelle here! 🙂


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Art & Textures!

I’ve been waiting and waiting to do a write up on the little shopping area where Immortelle is located until my good friend Anizia Jewell finished with the build. I can’t wait anymore – it is pretty much complete, but we still have lots of ideas so it will continue to change and evolve!

Ani is a wonderful builder! She wanted to create something that incorporates both of our tastes – for Ani, something with an art house feel and for me, something chic – and she did it!

Store Front

Right next to Immortelle, is Ani’s store, Anizia Graphica. She has created some wonderful textures for walls, windows and doors. On the 3rd floor, is the Dimensiona Gallery where Ani will soon display her beautiful sculptie works of art!

Anizia Graphica

Right above Ani’s texture store, on the 2nd level, you can find the art of her RL boyfriend, Aleron Anatine. His work is amazing. I’m posting a couple of pics here but you need to come by and see it up close. =)

Aleron’s Art

Aleron’s Art 2

I am so lucky to have such fun, kind creative people as partners and friends here in SL. It has made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

Come by and visit us on Dashton. If online, I’m usually up in my studio on the very top of the building. Tap on the glass and wave hi! 🙂

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