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Gitana Update

Today, I spruced up the Gitana tops – the colors are more vibrant now. =) Also, I combined all 5 tops & black pants and added a separate jacket layer for the corset only (for mixing and matching with other tops!) into one package for 200L.

Gitana - All Colors


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Breckenridge Update

Hi everyone!

I had a request for the Breckenridge Jacket without the shirt panel, so I added this extra texture to the package. To those of you that already purchased the jacket, over the next couple of days I’m going to send you all the extra texture. It may take me a couple of days, but I’ll try to catch everyone. 🙂

***Update – I think, I hope I sent everyone that purchased jacket(s) their extra texture. Please let me know if I sent you the wrong color or texture… was kind of dazed from dropping so much inventory on people. 🙂

Also, I will be leaving town this Wednesday for the holiday, so I will not be back at the computer until next Monday, Nov. 26th.

Breckenridge Jacket - No Shirt Panel

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Prim Skirt Updates

Hey Everyone!

I updated the prim skirts for Latina and Miami. If you purchased these outfits and would like the newer version, please IM Kat Palmer and you’ll receive the updated prim part of the skirt. 🙂

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I had a request for a short, no prim version of the Audrey Coat, so it is now included along with the prim one. Everyone that purchased the Audrey Coat before the update, should have received a new copy from me. Also, there have been requests for more colors, so that may be in the works this week. 🙂

Audrey Coat - No Frills

**Check out some cute pics of Gillian Waldman and Wednesday Soon wearing the Audrey Coat here and Tanya Book wearing it here!

***Look here to see how Millia Michinga accessorized the coat!

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